Plant Moves

– a website dedicated to sharing time lapse videos of plant movements –

We will keep adding videos for some time to come, stay tuned!


We take it for granted, but plants are great at tracking gravity.


Light is life, certainly for plants. Plants track the direction of light and move towards it.


When plants grow, they move more than we usually notice. Check out how.


Often considered the prettiest plant parts.

Day / Night movements

Plants look different between night and day.

Rapid movements

Some plants move fast and do not need time lapse photography…

Our purpose here is to show the beauty of plants and plant movement. Videos can be downloaded and reused (we would appreciate if you link to this website). We hope you find the videos useful in lectures, outreach, school teaching and more.

About Us

This project is run by Christa Testerink and Ronald Pierik.

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