An obvious thing that plants do is … to grow… of course. But… we do not really seem to notice, lack of patience perhaps? We help you here: our very patient camera captures many hours of growing, moving plants in under a minute.

Bean plants pre-grown in short days, then moved to continuous light for 24 h, images taken every 2 minutes, video frame rate = 25 fps.

A bean seedling shortly after full germination pulls its embryonic leaves (cotyledons) out of the soil, then unfolds them to capture light for photosynthesis, meanwhile revealing the first pair of true leaves. We promise, next time we will keep imaging for many days longer ;). Pictures taken every 6 minutes, frame rate is 25 fps.

Three young bean plants with fully expanded sets of their first leaves, entrained to short days light conditions. Plants were moved to continuous light for imaging. Images were taken every 90 seconds, frame rate is 25 fps.

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